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Carlos Creates Art

Carlos Muñoz-Jiménez

Artist Statement



I grew up listening to mythical tales, where the lines between rality and fantasy were blurry. My childhood was unlimited to where I could draw... The walls of my room were always full of my drawings, and when they were full, they would be re-wallpapered to begin a new cycle of pastering my images on the pristine surface.


In that noble state, I did not understand the concept of fearing the blank canvas. Nor what constituted comparatives or superlatives. Basically, I was creating my instinct. As I grew older, this naive creative impulse was somehow misplaced.


However, I continued making art and keeping my artistic eye refreshed. It was until much later that I realized that the urge to create was indispensable and fulfilling. Now, in my adulthood, I am re-discovering the deep desire to recreate my inner world and share it with others through my watercolors, gouache, and sumi-e paintings.


believe in re-inventing myself over and over again. I am no longer a fixed point in the artistic creative geography. Rather I am an ever evolving cosmos of creativity. And it is an interesting process. I invite you to visit my website often and refer it to others.

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